What dog food brands are toxic?

Some of the affected brands include Triumph Wild Spirit, Evolve, Wild Harvest, Nurture Farms, Elm Pet Foods and Heart to Tail Pure Being. Sunshine Mills said the products were distributed throughout the United States. Toxins produced by molds and fungi never exist in uniqueness. The main toxins that are regularly tested at many levels in the food supply chain include ochratoxin, fumonisin, T2, zeatalenone and DON.

They are further listed in Table 1 below. Wet food is very high in sodium, which could pose a significant risk to your dog's health as they age. As you might suspect, they use it to sweeten and flavor food and make it more tempting for your dog. John Tegzes, VMD, Diplomat with the American Board of Veterinary Toxicology at Western University of Health Sciences, explains the use of preservatives in dog food.

These dog foods make the cut because they have more quality whole food ingredients, no additives and are based on meat. The Association of American Feed Control Officials requires food for adult dogs to have at least 18 percent protein. We found that many dry dog foods contain mysterious meat foods that automatically lower them to the category of bad. The FDA is investigating a possible link between DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy) in dogs and the ingredients of certain grain-free and boutique pet foods.

Some dog food brands seem less trustworthy than others, especially when it comes to including hazardous ingredients. Below, we'll tell you which brands of dog food are most likely to contain these hazardous ingredients in dry and wet formulas. Gelzer isn't sure what the results will be if those early-stage dogs switch to a different food. Cellulose, one of the main ingredients in corn, is virtually indigestible, making it difficult for your dog to break down its food and absorb nutrients.

The FDA is not suggesting that pet owners stop feeding their dogs particular brands, but some veterinarians are already advising against grain-free foods. Mamavation is about to cover these topics to help you make better consumption decisions %26 safer in terms of dog food. Just like learning to read ingredient labels, learning to understand the ingredients in dog food can help you master your dog's nutritional needs.

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