What Dog Food is Killing Dogs? - An Expert's Perspective

The pet food recall is expanding after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that more than two dozen dogs died after consuming Sportmix brand dry kibble. The statement released Monday said the suspect is aflatoxin, a by-product of a corn mold Aspergillus flavus, which at high levels can be fatal to pets. Even if you are a cautious pet owner, you may not think too much about what exactly is in your dog or cat's daily meals. The FDA has issued a warning that will make you want to double check.The FDA is alerting pet owners that a wide variety of pet foods manufactured by Midwestern Pet Foods were found to contain deadly levels of aflatoxin, resulting in the deaths of more than 70 dogs recently.

The company recalled three products in question in December. Pet owners are advised to stop feeding their pets all 12 types of food and to consult their veterinarian if their pets have recently eaten the food. The FDA recommends disposing of items so that other animals or children cannot eat them and to disinfect any pet feeding equipment they use for their animal. Acana, Taste of the Wild, 4health, Blue Buffalo, and a dozen other pet food brands are on the recall list. Vets said their dog food could be to blame.

Dogs develop heart disease that veterinarians have linked to their diet. Solid Gold's “gold source” of complete nutrition is a blend of nutrient-rich superfoods included in your dry dog food recipes. Although Ol' Roy certainly makes the list of the worst dog food brands of all time, it is still one of the best sellers in the United States. This dog food is on the list due to the questionable quality of the ingredients, which is not nutritional and is somewhat harmful to dogs. Since the original announcement, several people have switched to a homemade or raw diet for their dogs. This may very well be the tip of a big iceberg, but it is important to put things into perspective and not get into total panic when we're only talking about a small number of dogs.

This makes it ideal for dogs with a sensitive stomach or food allergies compared to products normally used in kibble. An inspection of the Midwestern plant in Chickasha, Oklahoma, found that samples of the company's Sportmix dry dog food contained high levels of aflatoxin, which is produced by mold and can grow on corn and other grains used to make pet food, according to the FDA. If taurine production is already low and some components of popular grain-free foods interfere with taurine production or absorption, this could put these dogs at a disadvantage. If your pet shows signs of food allergy, then it's best to talk to an understanding veterinarian. Harvey's is a growing online pet food business that recently expanded to retail stores, but has quickly become a favorite with many dog owners. Purina dog food defects include low-quality ingredients such as wheat grains, soybean meal and corn, artificial food colors, preservatives and flavors.

Evanger's Chicken dry dog food is formulated to meet nutrition levels determined by AAFCO dog food profiles for all stages of life. Cesar Filets is considered one of the worst dog foods due to its high salt content (we cover the best low-sodium dog food options). Then there is the misery of parasites and poor health in adult dogs and the unfortunate ones who died horrible from intestinal impaction due to a bone that blocks the intestine. After many complaints about dogs getting sick and dying after eating Alpo dog food, which Purina manufactures, it prompted the FDA to launch an investigation into the company's processing plants. It is essential for pet owners to be aware of what they are feeding their pets and take necessary precautions when selecting pet foods. It is important to read labels carefully and look for signs that indicate quality ingredients such as whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and real meat as opposed to by-products or fillers. Additionally, it is important for pet owners to research brands before purchasing them and look for reviews from other pet owners who have used them before.

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