What is the Healthiest & Best Tasting Dry Dog Food?

Our second choice is Taste of The Wild grain-free dry dog food. Available in 5, 15 or 28 pound bags, this dry dog food is a balanced and all-natural diet for your pup. Not only is the Pacific Stream recipe delicious, but it's packed with vitamins and minerals to support your pup's overall well-being. It is grain-free, made with real smoked salmon and is high in healthy protein.

Another great option that we recommend trying is Rachael Ray Nutrish dry dog food. Not only is it a food guaranteed to tempt even the most picky eaters, but it's also a totally natural and balanced diet. Available in 6, 14, 28 or 40 pound bags, the chicken and vegetable recipe is made with farm chicken as the first ingredient. Instinct Raw Boost dry dog food is another great option for picky eaters.

Available in a tasty duck recipe, this meal includes freeze-dried pieces of real meat. Comes in a 41-pound bag and is made with cage-free duck. This is also a grain-free formula; however, it is designed for small breeds only. If your pet likes salmon, Blue Buffalo Wilderness dry food for adult dogs is a good option to try.

Made without grains, this is a formula that is ideal for dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes. You can pick up this food in 4.5, 11, 20 or 24 pound bags. Available in 6, 18, 35 or 47 pound bags, Purina Pro contains probiotics, prebiotics, vitamin A, linoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids to promote your pet's immune system, digestive health, and overall well-being. With that said, you should keep in mind that this is a more suitable formula for larger breeds.

Crave dry dog food is available in 4, 12 or 22 pound bags. It is important to note that this food is more suitable for adult dogs and is not recommended for puppies. In addition, this formula has more fat than other options. On the other hand, it's packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that promote your dog's well-being, including their energy levels, immune system, skin and coat health.

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Canned Dog Food is a wet food that comes in 12.5-ounce cans that are available in a box of 12. This is a LID formula that is ideal for dogs that have food allergies or sensitivities. You won't find chicken, beef, dairy or eggs in the recipe. In addition, it is also a grain-free meal with no by-products, corn, wheat, soy or artificial flavors or preservatives. Our next choice is Bil-Jac Picky No More Dry dog food.

This is a chicken liver recipe designed with small breeds in mind. Comes in a 6- or 15-pound bag and features the brand's Nutri-Lock low-temperature vacuum drying procedure which wicks moisture away from food and retains nutrients. At our number nine spot we have Nulo Freestyle grain-free dry food for adult dogs. This is a turkey and sweet potato recipe that comes in 4.5, 11 or 24 pound bags.

It contains no grains and is advertised to contain 85% animal protein. In addition you will find probiotics vitamin B omega-3 and omega-6 calcium and low glycemic index ingredients within this formula. Our last choice is Purina Beyond Grain-Free dry dog food. As the name suggests it is a grain-free formula that is rich in protein without grains by-product foods corn wheat soy or artificial ingredients. It's available in a beef and egg recipe that comes in a 3- or 13-pound bag. Filled with healthy and natural food American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato dog food is the perfect choice for sensitive dogs.

As the name suggests the basic ingredients of the formula are salmon sweet potatoes and chickpeas both are easy to digest and offer high quality proteins and carbohydrates to keep your dog lean and active. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry is at the top of my list because it's a simple recipe that appeals to most dogs there's no elegant ingredient to enhance the flavor just good old chicken it's a recipe based on the type of food dogs have enjoyed for years it's a recipe based on an ancestral diet and that's what makes it so tempting appeal to their ancestral and natural instincts you can't go wrong with that. Racheal Ray Nutrish Real Beef Peas & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food has real beef as first ingredient to support organ health and lean muscle mass contains healthy carbohydrates such as peas and rice for sustained energy and healthy digestion along with omega 3 and 6 acids essential for healthy skin and vibrant coat. Food is also packed with vitamins A E & B12 minerals such as calcium & phosphorus for bone & tooth health we love that food is made without artificial flavors or preservatives & that it doesn't contain by product foods. In addition to a large selection of ingredients & an impressive nutrient profile one of the main reasons it's considered one of the best dog foods for your canine friend is that it's also very affordable. Without a doubt dry dog food is the most popular choice for dog lovers who want to feed their dogs in the best way the resulting mix is a topper+dog food with an irresistible scent & meaty texture that can tempt even the most stubborn diners. Ultimately the food you choose to feed your dog is a personal choice & different foods work better for some dogs than others there's no single brand of “healthier” dog food that works well in every case as each individual dog has unique needs which will best be met with different dog foods.

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